The more I watch the news the more I feel like I want to sit in a church and step away from the world. I love to feel the peace of holy places. Spirit filled churches in Phoenix are easy to find no matter which religion you are looking for. All you need to do is decide to take that first step and find the Phoenix churches that fit your desires.

When I was young my family took a trip to Mexico. We had the chance to take a tour of their towns away from the tourist traps. While we were there I noticed how much they cared for their churches. All the other buildings on the streets were in neglect. The churches were beautifully crafted and clean. They had the most awe inspiring stained glass windows I could ever imagine. I knew we were in an area that was very poor. I could see that the people put great sacrifice into what they held so dear. We also saw some very basic churches. The spirit was there in every church we went into. The feelings of peace and love were so strong on that trip and I will hold those memories forever. Do we take the same care in our lives to show what we care for? Do we spend the time we should being thankful, prayerful, peaceful and loving? There can beautiful peace in our hearts when we take the time to plant the seeds and nourish them. Peace is not something you find without looking for it. It’s so easy to be ungrateful for the things you struggle with. I have learned to keep a gratitude journal next to my bed. At night I will add one thing I am thankful for and in times of pain and darkness I can turn to that simple notebook to help me get back on a clearer path.

Did you know that of all the Scottsdale churches The Catholic Community of the Blessed Sacrament was rated as the best Catholic Church in the area? That is what I learned on They have list after list of the top rated churches in Phoenix. The internet is full of ichurchnformation to help you find any church you are looking for. You can search for Phoenix churches online and get page after page of options. Decide what is important to you. Maybe you are looking for Christian churches in Phoenix. There are three pages of Christian churches in the yellow pages list. There are so many different religions represented here. Maybe you know that there is one out there for you but you aren’t sure which one. Make a list of the ones you would like to visit and start going down the list. Keep going until you have found the one that speaks to your heart.

There are wonderful Non Denominational churches Phoenix as well. The Calvary Community Church offers ministries for all ages. They also offer a special group to help heal from the damage of divorce in families, and a drug and alcohol support group. Many churches have support groups to help you through the dark times in your life. Hunger is a growing problem in our world today. If you are in need you can often find a church ready to offer a warm meal. If you are blessed you can find a church that will give you the chance to serve others. There is a place for you to do the work you need to fill your heart. Sometimes the best healing you can give to your self is to be the healing hands for someone else.

There are many choices for churches in Phoenix. Be prayerful and let the spirit guide you to one of the many spirit filled churches in Phoenix. Take the time to remember the good in the world and look for the beauty we have been blessed with. Satan trembles when the weakest of saints is on their knees to pray. Be the good you want to see in the world.