Finding A DUI Lawyer

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in circumstances that require help from a legal professional. In the pre-Internet days that meant to let your fingers do the walking and finding a lawyer in the Yellow Pages. But without a rating system in the phone book, it was often up to the client to go on their gut feeling when hiring help. TV commercials run rampant these days too, but often it’s style of substance, so buyer be aware.

We’ll get to more on the Internet, in a second. Another good way that still works today to hire an attorney, a plumber or even a dog groomer is by word-of-mouth. Whether you’re in a small town or a big city, ask your family and friends for recommendations. Find out whom they’ve used for legal services and if they’d hire that attorney again. If you don’t know someone in your inner circle that has needed legal help, put it out there on social media. Chances are a friend on Facebook, or a Twitter follower has had experience in recommending an attorney. This attorney:, for example, was recommended to me by a distant friend on Facebook.

For this particular blog, we’re looking at some options for people looking for representation against charges of driving under the influence in the state of New Jersey. After a quick Google search, the site topped the list. The site is designed to answer a number of legal questions and has been featured on ABC News, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

The site gives state-by-state recommendations for attorneys in specialized fields of practice. When searching for an attorney who specializes in DUI cases in New Jersey, 448 matches appear. Then comes the process of weeding out all those recommendations. Avvo helps with that by rating attorneys on their site with several different types of criteria. The site promises there is no bias involved in the rating process. Once an attorney is “graded” they cannot buy a better rating.

Not only is there a website, but Avvo also has a free app iOS devices.

The professionals on this page are rated on a scale from one to ten by other attorneys, legal professionals, and clients.   The site claims to feature 97 percent of the country’s attorneys. There are paid ads from attorneys. But Avvo maintains that does not cloud the reputation of its service. Like anything that involves your time and money, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion.

Ten Steps To Take After An Accident

car crash It is a very stressful ordeal to get involved in a car accident in Philadelphia. This is because the accident is not always only accompanied with the pain you get due to injuries but the introduction of some more severe realities may also always be accompanied with this. Of course physical pain is always the primary problem, followed by disability, financial woes as well as psychological challenges. There are some ten steps that are important to be taken so as to protect their settlements later on.

  1. Keeping records of the days you didn’t report to work due to injury as well as the total expenses incurred as you seek for treatment and justice is the first thing to do. Your lawyer will of course need this information when representing you. The opposing lawyer may also need these documents to defend their client.
  2. Keep track of the time friends and family members take to take care of you. This needs to be compensated in case you win the suit.
  3. OTC PainkillersAll the receipts and bills that are associated with the accident should be well kept. Without this, proving the damages amount may not be very easy for you. Pharmacy bills, hospital charges, therapy bills, and transport bills to and fro hospital should all be kept. When you buy OTC pain killers, clothing, braces, crutches and others, demand for receipts.
  4. Know all your injuries before filing the case. This calls for a serious diagnosis by a physician to ensure that you do not leave any injury out. There are many injuries that may not show symptoms early so be careful to include these as well.
  5. Don’t ignore any emotional tolls associated with the accident. These include nightmares, flashbacks, sleep disturbance, fear and anxiety among others. These are all subject to compensation.
  6. Keeping a journal of your experiences is yet another important factor. Record the pain relief needs, sleepless nights as well as limitations to your hobbies and regular activities. They are subject to compensation.
  7. Consider filing a suit and it is best to ask experienced personal injury personnel to assess your suit.
  8. It’s very important that you search for lawyers for car accidents rather than going it alone. Go for the best personal injury lawyer is reputable for not fearing to go to the courts. Go for the fighters rather than the settlers. The former will always want to fight for the claims in court hence making you to get the highest compensation possible while the settlers will want to settle with the insurers outside court. The compensation here is always relatively lower.
  9. Know all your insurance coverage sources because it is often possible for you to get multiple simultaneous compensations
  10. Follow the prescriptions and therapies prescribed to you by the physician to the latter.

Steps To Take After A DUI Arrest

DUIs in Wisconsin follow a specific procedure. The procedure needs to be observed by both by the police officer and the arrested person. A policeman is required by law to inform the person they are arresting prior to the arrest. Do not resist arrest. Many people mistake arrest with a conviction. Be cognizant of the fact that an arrested person retains all of their rights until he or she has been proven guilty in a court of law.

Upon arrest do not resist arrest. However do not agree to the arrest before the arresting person identifies himself. He must also inform you in the shortest time possible the reason behind your arrest. First things first-ask the officer to let you contact your family and a DUI lawyer after they have explained to you why they are arresting you. In case you do not have your phone with you, the officer should offer to make the call for you. After he has told you why he is arresting you, and after contacting your family and lawyer agree to the arrest, it is not the end of the world.

police officer arrestAfter you have been taken to custody and the officer has read you your Miranda Rights, take caution on what you are sharing with the officers. They must use it against you during the hearing of your case. It is highly recommended that an accused person maintains silence while in remand. Talking to the officer will help them know you and build the case against you.

You should be taken to court within 24 hours after arrest. Please do not mention this to the officers. Many people make the mistake of mentioning this to officers. Pretend you do not know the procedure so you give them room to manipulate them. You will then point it out to the court during the hearing stage of your case. Note that a DUI lawyer will immediately get an acquittal upon the proof that officers took more than a day to produce you to court.

While still in remand, ask to be released on bond. In case the officer in charge refuses to grant you bail, note the reason he gives. Do not fight with him in case he objects. Just make sure your aim is to build a strong defense.

On the mention date of your case, ask the judge to release you on bond. This is where you as the accused give the court money or some other monitory items as an assurance to attend court next time. It is also during this early stage you ask the court to allocate you a state counsel is at all you cannot afford to pay a lawyer yourself. When your lawyer comes tell him everything you know about it. Make sure not to tell your lawyer a lie. Now leave everything to him.

See a chiropractor to help your personal injury case

See a chiropractor to help your personal injury case

back injuryWhen having personal injury or in the case of an accident, it is recommended that one visits the best chiropractor in Maryland. This will make the level of damage sustained be accessed and potentially treated. A chiropractor is a health care provider concerned with the neuromusculoskeletal systems as well as their associated disorders. They diagnose, treat and offer preventive practices to the disorder using a hands on approach i.e. there is no use of medicines; rather, it involves physical exercises to treat these conditions. The results offered through this practice often are long term and they are also known to bring total healing even to some other body conditions as the majority of the body organs are related to each other.

In case of a personal injury or any condition that may be touching on the neuromusculoskeletal system, seeing is very helpful. Some of the benefits that can be derived from such a visit are discussed below.

Assessment of injury: Though damage may not be apparent even to the patient or an ordinary doctor, it may have fatal effects; this would involve some minor pain especially on the back. With a chiropractor, a thorough test can be done to determine the level of damage and help in the treatment procedure. This is because in most of the cases, if the conditions escalated, they could in some cases be fatal to the patient and the earlier the better to enable a possible full recovery.

For settlement and insurance claims, in the case that the injury was sustained in an accident and one is interested in making insurance claims for settlement or there was a standing policy against such eventuality, it would be important to visit a chiropractor so that there can be a comprehensive report of the damage so that processing of the settlement can be justified especially where it involves a lawsuit. This is out of the common fact that the insurance in the most cases try to run away from making settlement unless there is proper evidence that the claims being made are valid. The only sure to get validated information on the situation would be through a report from the chiropractor.

To heal and relieve pain, most of the conditions involving the use of neuromuscular systems come with a lot of pain. This is due to the close association of the nervous systems which is responsible for the feeling of pain. At the same time, these conditions may also lead to incapacitation of the organs. To deter such an occurrence, it is important to visit a chiropractor to revive the functionality of the organs or in some situation prevent total disability if the case had already escalated to some serious levels.

Who usually gets child custody, the mom or the dad?

child custody and divorceAt one time, there was an assumption that after a divorce, the children ought to always stay with their mother. The majority states however do not any longer honor that traditional presumption. As a fact of fact, some have even passed laws that state that they have no custody preference for women as compared to men. Regardless of this change, the mother is still more probable to obtain custody after a divorce. Laws vary from state to the other in regard to what the court should take into consideration while they determine custody arrangements, though the universal standard they currently use is that the award for custody should be based on the best possible child interests. If you are fighting for custody of your child, then you need the best family lawyer.

If it were possible to lay their rancor aside, the majority of the parents would easily concede that the interests of their child ought to prevail. Regardless of if you want to obtain sole custody, joint physical custody, or just the some generous visitation rights with your children, you may need to understand what the presiding judge looks at as they decide on custody issues.

One aspect is which of the two parents has continuously been the child’s principal caregiver. Several states in fact make use of the phrase “primary caregiver”; while others only refer to that parent that best is in a position to meet the needs of the child, the one most willing to agree to the parental duties, or the one who was previously taking care of the child.

Not considering the terms that are in usage, the standard of primary caregiver attempts to verify which of the two parent has been the one who was in charge of taking care of the majority of the daily needs of the child like feeding, playing, bathing, putting to bed and waking, arranging for doctor appointments and making arrangements for child care. Today, even though more of the women are working full time, they are more likely to be the ones who take up these roles though times are rapidly changing. The court also looks at the history of the performance of these tasks while they determine custody.

Another factor that is used by the court is the relationship that exists between the parent and the child. Naturally, the bond between mum and child will be stronger smaller the child is as compared to the dad. This however is more due to societal roles and due to any other factors. Nevertheless, the more a father is involved with his child the closer will be the bond. In case you are seeking joint custody, then you need to know how to offer the care and support that your child requires.

The law supposes that a child’s best interests will get served when the child has a meaningful bond with both of the parents. The courts therefore give this aspect much importance and a parent who has previously attempted to poison the child’s mind against the other parent will not have very good chances.

Separation Vs. Divorce

Separation Vs. Divorce

Towson lawyers in our legal center get a lot of questions about what the difference is between a separation and divorce. These two terms are frequently misused because many people think that they are the same thing, but they are not. A divorce is attained when a court of law finally declares the end of a marriage while a separation is attained when a couple decides to live separate from each other either for some time or even forever. Those seeking for a separation may be married or not married but living together like married partners are doing. A divorce puts a complete end to a marriage while a separation does not. As such, only legally married couples can apply for a divorce. In a separation though, couples remain married but live separately while in a divorce, there is no marriage binding the two people any more, it’s completely over and each goes their way without need to look back ever.

separation or divorceEven so there are issues that are considered while a court of law seeks to grant either a separation or a divorce. In most cases there are similarities in these factors since the issues considered in a separation are the same ones as those considered in a divorce case. These issues include parenting rights, spousal support, child support, division of property, visitation schedules, debt payments, as well as the designation of a residential parent and legal custodian among others.

The privileges and requirements of the parties are ruled by the court order which is enforceable through the law. The difference of the rules is that in a separation the court of law defines the accountability and privileges of each partner while they decide on living separate from one another. This agreement of a legal separation can later be used as the basis of a final divorce or dissolution of the marriage. The marriage however remains legally in place until such a time when one of the spouses takes some further action to axe the marriage. What this means therefore is that one should seek to have a separation agreement that they can live with for the rest of their lives without regrets since a judge can use it to define the divorce orders. That means that when you create your separation agreement, you should consider custody agreement Towson because those could be the terms that the judge decides on if you do happen to get a divorce.

For many reasons, a legal separation is more favored by many people due to the approach it takes unlike a divorce. For instance, it gives a couple time to reflect on what has been ailing their marriage and while apart they are able to rethink on how to better handle the conflicts and if not so, they can also decide if they would like to proceed with filing for a divorce if comes to that. It also enables the couple to enjoy benefits accrued from remaining in a married status such as those of insurance. In addition it also enables partners who hold religious conflict with the acceptability of having a divorce to keep their religious beliefs on marriage intact by only living apart.