Choosing A DUI Lawyer

If you have just gotten a DUI, one of the first questions on your mind is whether or not you need to hire a DUI lawyer. Hiring an experienced attorney can always be beneficial. They have experience working with the local courts and various judges, too.Drinks

Also, these attorneys know all the details about plea bargains and can manage all of the administrative procedures for you. If you have just gotten your second or third DUI, you really cannot do without the help of this type of attorney. Even as a first-time offender, you would do well to invest in an attorney’s help.

Your case may not be complex, but if you had a high blood alcohol content, you might be doing more harm to your case by representing yourself. If you have had some aggravating circumstances in your DUI, you really cannot risk going it alone. You need to choose a good DUI attorney to represent your case.

If this is your first DUI, your attorney can guide you as to whether or not to plead guilty. For instance, if you did have a high BAC, it might be best to plead guilty. Still, before you make a plea, your lawyer can let you know about all the fines and penalties regarding DUIs in your area.

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Your attorney might be able to reduce your sentence if other factors are involved in your case such as erratic driving. Also, if the test was inaccurate, you may not have to face a stiff DUI charge. Many DUI attorneys can help their clients regarding inaccurate Breathalyzer tests.

An attorney can help you plea bargain so that your charge can be reduced to a lesser one. Sometimes a DUI charge can be brought down to one of reckless driving. Many states have sentence bargaining which is great if a guilty plea would result in a long prison term.

DUI pleas can get involved. You want an experienced DUI attorney in your state to help you plea especially if this is not your first DUI. If your case is an aggravated one where someone was injured or killed, you cannot risk handling it yourself. If you had a very high BAC such as one over .15 and the test cannot be proven inaccurate, you would not want to go ahead and make a guilty plea without an attorney to guide you.

Choose the DUI attorney based on his or her experience in your state. You can meet with the attorney before hiring him or her, too. Generally, you will get about a half an hour to consult with an attorney about your case. At the very least you can take advantage of the time to find out more about how your case might play out. No attorney, however, can guarantee your case’s success or not during a consultation.

Shop around before you settle with one firm or another. You want to find the best attorney to help you with your case.