Risks of Drunk Driving in Camden County

Risks of Drunk Driving in Camden County

By now, most of us know about the risks of drunk driving in Camden County NJ. We know that we are impaired when we drink, and we understand that if we do choose to drive while we are under the influence, then we are putting ourselves, our passengers, and other innocent drivers and passengers in danger. A large number of people are also fully aware of the other consequences associated with drunk driving. From the court and legal fees to potentially losing your job and having a mark on your record, there are some serious consequences related to the action. So why, when we know about the safety risks, the financial implications, and the legal penalties do we still make the decision to drive after we have been drinking?  If arrested for drunk driving, you need to contact Stephen Lukach New Jersey drunk driving lawyer. It does not make sense to anyone, and if we are thinking logically, it’s hard to comprehend why we make a decision to drive while we are under the influence. The problem is that when we do make a decision to drive drunk, we are not necessarily thinking logically.

When most people go out at night, usually they are not thinking, “I am going to go out and get wasted, then I am going to get in my car and drive home drunk because I think that is a fantastic idea.” No, typically the thought process is more like this, “I am going to go out tonight, and I know I have to drive home so I will only have one or two, then I will drink water and wait a while before I head home.”

Impaired Judgement

The problem, once you even have one beer or glass of wine, your mindset will change. You will have that one, and then maybe another. Soon, you will be faced with the decision to either have another and wait a little longer before you can drive or to stop drinking now and head home early. It is a difficult decision to make if you are having fun. If you stop drinking, you will want to go home, and you won’t have as much fun time. This is where many of us choose to have “just one more” and wait a little longer before getting in the car to drive home. Unfortunately, though, once it comes to waiting to drive home, many of us do not want to wait. Others think that they have waited long enough and are okay to drive. Finally, others choose to have “just one more” more than once.

The more alcohol is in your system, the less logically you will be thinking. If you have had three or more drinks, then the chance is that you think you are okay to drive when you are not. This is why most people will suggest that if you even have one drink, then you should not drive home. You understand the consequences of drinking and driving, so before you even take on drink, make sure you have a plan to get home safely.